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Best SEO Practices for Drupal Design & Development


Drupal nowadays is one of the most popular and widely used open source Content management system across the world. For a better visibility, high position, and proper optimization on the search engines, you should update your website regularly. Here CMS plays an important role. Drupal helps businesses in making profitable websites equipped with a proper content management system. Presently Drupal development has become the widely used and most competitive CMS domains. It is vital for you to choose the perfect and suitable Drupal developers for custom development projects and to get high-quality results and meet business objectives.


Drupal and SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vital factor in web development because it makes any website important and easily detect by search engines for indexing and crawling.  For a successful online marketing campaign and successful online business, having an SEO friendly website is a required thing.


For static websites, it is not a typical task to implement SEO techniques but in the case of dynamic websites, it is hard to apply. CMS like Drupal can give complete control over content, visibility and allow modifying and moving of dynamic contents easily. When it comes to Drupal we can say that it is SEO friendly and easy to use CMS.


We can develop an SEO friendly website using Drupal. Let's check some of the best SEO practices in Drupal development:

  1. SEO-friendly URL

In Drupal development, you can easily control the URL structure of a website fully. All the pages are separated into nodes additionally for every web page you will have a URL node. Drupal enables a URL alias for doing so and help developers to create SEO-friendly URL for every node. This customized URL feature is unique and makes Drupal different from other CMS.


  1. Easy to use and Updated

As said above, Drupal development is helpful for making web development easier. As it is a customized CMS, the website developers or the owner of the website can easily add, remove, or modify the new service and product information easily. So, there will be no technical knowledge and expertise required. Web development with Drupal is highly secured and reliable, help developers to manage content easily.


  1. Drupal SEO Modules

There are several Drupal SEO modules that can easily optimize a web page. Here is a list of SEO modules can that easily perform the following tasks:


There are lots of modules available with Drupal SEO which are helpful to optimize a web page. Let's check the list of SEO modules available with Drupal to perform the below tasks:

  • Meta tags placement
  • Global URL redirect
  • Title tags placement
  • XML sitemap creation
  • Custom breadcrumbs creation
  • Content optimization
  • txt file placement
  • Menu attributes management
  • Google Analytics placement


  1. Search Engine Friendliness

Drupal development helps in the easy crawling of websites in search engines. Web developers can utilize SEO modules and can make the website SEO-friendly by using effective content, URLs, and SEO tags. It helps spiders to crawl the websites easily.


These are just a few practices and features of Drupal development. It helps businesses to achieve their goals and ROI easily as compared to other CMS.


Authored by David Hunter. David is a professional Drupal developer. He is known to utilize all the good practices there are when designing a website. His work has been frequently displayed at online and offline forums and events as a specimen of modern web development. To know more about his work, visit:


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