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Key Principles & Concepts for Web Design

In recent years, we have seen a lot of stunning designs due to the launch of various technologies and platforms. Now writers need to upgrade themselves with the new trends and technologies in order to achieve the milestones and landscape evolve in achieving business goals. Creativity is a need for time and no one can teach it. So the designers must be creative and imaginative while giving their web services.


Website designs have seen different changes with the changing needs of the time. Clients are very demanding these days and moving towards chatbots, interactive animations, and proactive communications. They always seek to get rich experience in their web designing projects. You can expect no-frills, clean and streamlined. Realistic, simplistic and interactive designs that make sense and leave room to get updated with modern technologies always grab the visitor's attention.


  1. Eye-Catching Typography:

Creative and perfectly designed typography is termed for setting a mood, stirring emotion and imparting character for a web page. With the changes in visuals, designers should be capable to innovate according to typography even further, for attracting more visitors and getting attention from users. Already we are looking artistic, expressive and eye-catching fonts and text styles instead of images, and we should desire to see more hand-rendered and more unique typography. 


  1. A Cleaner, Sleeker Layout:

In recent times, designers began making cleaner, sleeker website sets for better searching experience and performance. Heavy-image pages are slow to frustrate and load visitors. Effortlessness will be raised to an entire another level in 2020, utilizing unnecessary space. White space is the same old thing, however, among the website design patterns for the current year, designers will discover better uses for it. Gimmicky, flamboyant plans are out. Everything is there for one reason currently: to expand changes. Negative space attracts attention to the conversion point or engagement, with less interruption.


  1. Voice User Interfaces:

One of the best using and applying principles for better web designs is the voice user interface. In other terms, it is also known as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Digital Assistant or Voice Search. It tends to a person's interaction with a mobile device or a computer system with voice commands. With the increasing demand for voice search in the web arena, be sure that your website content is compatible and should match with the voice of people as they command.


  1. Responsive Design:

If you have not moved to responsive designs then you are losing a lot in terms of users and business profits. Having a presence on mobile devices is essential to grab the attention of millions of users across the world. Website using flexible layouts and CSS media queries to design dynamic and single experience is essential these days. Your website should be compatible with every mobile device irrespective of its operating system and browsers.


  1. Videos Take More Importance:

Videos make people think it like a real incident or information. Using videos on websites is not new but with the changing need of time using videos on web pages is essential to get the trust of users. Using videos always provide big profits and increase the credibility of your business among the people.

Using other principles such as progressive web pages, security and others are helpful for taking your website and business to the maximum level of success.


Authored by Michael Leonard. Michael is one of the lead web designers of the British web ​design community. He is known to utilize all the good practices there are when designing a website. His work has been frequently displayed at online and offline forums and events as a specimen of modern web design. To know more about his work, visit:








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